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  • You see when you said you wanted a passion project no one really took it seriously, including me,but then i got to thinking what if i could make this a way to make my family realize being a chef is what i really want.You see when my dad was alive his dream was to create his own cookbook, and as i got older that became my dream too, but my mom feels i have more potential.So for about a month or so i changed my project 5 times a week, then i decided i was just going to simply make a real cook book.When i told my mom this she was supportive, but didn't seem super happy about the idea.So as the book progressed i asked my mom too look at it and go over it. As she sat out in the living room with me she started to get interested.This was the first time i felt she was actually happy with the idea of me being a chef.And at that moment i became passionate about this project.Passion is nor something that ends or begins because it has always simply been right there.